The more complex your network is in terms of size, structure, and connectivity needs the more critical network infrastructure design and technologies become. When upgrading your network or implementing a new system careful planning, successful implementation, and ongoing support is needed to keep your network running at its peak efficiency. In infrastructure should support your business now, and be flexible enough to meet your growing needs in the future.

At GITS, we have the experience installing brand new networks from scratch, as well as upgrading existing networks such as copper and fibre cables. Our team of experienced network specialists can offer the expertise and will always seek to understand the client's need for resiliency guidance and products to ensure your IT infrastructure supportsyour needs both now and in the future.

Network are typically split into two different categories,local area nvetwork and Wide Area Network (LAN and WAN) Local Area Network are usually define as the networking infrastructure within one physical location such as single site office.WANs are the physical network links that connect remote LANs to each other.WANs and LANs tend to use different base technologies such as Ethernet for LANs and DSL for WANs.As new technolgies and applications are deployed,these turn place addational requirments on the network.

3M, Systimax, Belden, Nexans, Nordon, Excel and Fusion