IT Audit and Consultancy in Abu Dhabi - UAE | IT Audit and Consultancy in Dubai - UAE

IT Consultancy

Even if your organization is small and has the simplest IT requirements, modern IT systems are so complex that if they are not installed correctly, they can create a host of complications for you. Unless the installation personnel knows precisely what they are doing, expensive mistakes may be made, with long term implications. It’s best to call in knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals to help you make the right choices for new IT installations or new upgrades. Contact us at GITS at the earliest for more information and pricing details.

Technical Audit

If you have been running your business for quite a few years, you may have accumulated a mix of hardware’s and software’s over time, many of which may have become outdated or obsolete. With such a confusion of IT infrastructure, your business may not be running as efficiently as you hoped. IT experts from GITS can review your existing equipment and technology to provide you with a comprehensive report on your IT infrastructure including the cabling and ancillaries involved. We will not only identify existing and potential problems but also offer you recommendations to improve your IIIIT division to more efficiency.

Planning Your New System

As a start-up or a company that’s opening a new division, you may need to create n entirely new IT network. This requires planning and precision to ensure you get the best equipment and software’s for your needs within your specified budget. The GITS professional will study and analyze your needs and budget to provide you with solutions that align them to your business objectives. We know how to balance wired and wireless networking for maximum efficiency. We can integrate your mobile staff, remote workers and office branches into your central system. To discuss such expert system planning, contact us a Pine Tree IT Solutions.

Upgrades And Extensions

Periodical upgrades are necessary in today’s world where technology keeps evolving faster than ever. But such technological upgrades can be disruptive to your business productivity if not executed smartly. Our experts from GITS can help ensure that the upgrades happen smoothly, with minimal interruption to your daily work schedules. We understand the UAE marketplace and have excellent rapport with the leading technology providers in the country. To upgrade the speed and efficiency of your IT systems, contact us at Pine Tree for unbiased advice and immediate action.

System Migration

With so many new developments taking place in the IT niche, there are many ways for businesses to overtake their competitors. Such upgrades and opportunities such as migrating your server-based network to a cloud solution requires professional assistance to ensure the transfers happen without a hitch. There are as many pitfalls as there are opportunities, so its vital that you are guided by a knowledgeable and experienced team, to take the right decisions at the right time.

IT Audit and Consultancy in Abu Dhabi - UAE | IT Audit and Consultancy in Dubai - UAE

On Call Support

IT Emergency? Call In The Experts

Having computer trouble? Is your PPC frozen or has your network crashed? Instead of panicking, just relax and call us up at Pine Tree IT. With their extensive experience and knowledge, our IT experts have identified and fixed every type of IT trouble that can occur. So whatever it is that’s causing your issue, rest assured that the GITS team will have it fixed in no time. For the fastest and friendliest IT support, be sure to call on +971 2 674 2324


If it’s your hardware that’s causing problems for you, our experts will diagnose the problem. Fix it correctly and have your system up and running in no time.


Our software experts at GITS have experience in handling most commercial software’s, including various operating systems. We will identify your application failures and fix it for you. If you face recurring bugs in your system or have any software that’s not working properly, call us right away.


Crashing or the failure of computer networks can create disastrous consequences for businesses, especially since most organizations are extremely reliant on technology for their day to day running. It imperative that they get the connectivity re-established as early as possible. GITS understands IT networks as we have helped innumerable businesses in UAE with wired, wireless and hybrid systems. We will have your network back up and running in no time. For the quickest and most effective IT solutions, call us at Pine Tree, at the earliest.


Worried about the security of your IT systems? Do you suspect your system is infected with viruses? GITS team will deal with your security issues in no time. We’ll clean up your systems to ensure there are no security threats. Our team will also ensure your IT systems are protected using the latest antivirus and security software’s.

Deployment and Integration

Gravity IT Solutions uses a six step deployment methodology to ensure your contact center is architected, designed and installed correctly. This six-phased methodology ensures effective and efficient deployment with minimal disruption to your business. By following this methodology, you reduce risk and maximize your return on your investment. Phases include:


We identify the business objectives you are trying to achieve and align your unique requirements with the corresponding technology and applications to best meet those business needs.


We complete a comprehensive evaluation of your network to determine if the existing infrastructure and operational environment is able to support the proposed solution. During the assessment we evaluate network readiness and identify the risks, responsibilities and resources required for the deployment.


We convert the business objectives identified in the previous phases into a detailed design that meets your business and technical requirements and solves your communications challenges.


We take the designs that were created and approved in the Design phase and begin installing, developing, configuring and integrating system components according to the design specifications.


We begin the cut-over to your new collaboration solution and proactively monitor the health and vital signs of the environment.


After the solution has been live for a period of time, you may find there are changes or modifications you wish to make. Optimization covers post-installation services that are not under a maintenance contract including performance audits, hardware and software upgrades, and applications development.