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Network implementation plan

The network implementation plan service provides you with expert project planners who review the high-level design and detailed design and prepare a network implementation plan document that will implement the planned change in the most efficient manner with minimum disruption to your existing services.

Our designated consultants will provide guidance on synchronizing the plan deliverables into your existing project plan in case this network change is part of a wider project rollout. Leveraging experts from Aviat will minimize your risk and ensure quality deployment with a faster turn-up of your new infrastructure elements.

A major step in ensuring a smooth network change is to have a detailed plan that outlines process steps, tasks, milestones and roles and responsibilities for the teams and individuals involved.

• Software design and implementation activities. are invariably inter-leaved. – Software design is a creative activity in which you. identify software components and their relationships, based on a customer’s requirements. – Implementation is the process of realizing the design as a program.

Implementation is the process of executing a plan or policy so that a concept becomes a reality. To implement a plan properly, managers should communicate clear goals and expectations, and supply employees with the resources needed to help the company achieve its goals.

  • Through an expert assistance and knowledge of our network solution via our Professional Services Practice, we can provide the guidance and help you. This covers everything from network design to follow-on support and everything else in between. This enables your business to optimize its performance and benefit from impressive design capabilities that are merged with the very best technologies to deliver an IT environment that is both scalable and highly effective. This will ensure that your organizational-wide targets and objectives are met, enabling your business to grow and move forward.
  • Our service is underpinned by our desire to collaborate closely with you, while identifying your current network and identifying your requirements. As part of this service, we will consider bandwidth and security as a part of the critical areas of your network. Once we identify those problematic areas, we put a working solution in place that ensures your business operates efficiently.
  • We understand that the needs of your business will evolve with an ever-changing landscape and so, our strategy and design consultants will develop a solution that is designed around your specific needs. This will ensure complete optimization of your network and help to minimize your costs. Our expertise and knowledge will ensure that your complete network will benefit from enhanced manageability, it will be simplified and easily scalable and that comes from our smart thinking and design. We believe in the right design and implantation at every stage and so, we use industry best practice from start to finish.

How Our Clients Benefit?

Our ability to determine where costs can be cut, we can help to reduce costs significantly.

Return on Investment will be greatly enhanced due to our desire to increase the life of your investments as well as their use.

Productivity will be increased along with application performance which aids the optimization of your network.

Security threats are actively measured and the correct preventative measures are put in place to enhance security.

Flexibility and versatility of the network will make scaling up your business an easy process.

Your investments will be made with a greater understanding, helping you to manage budgets and expenditures more efficiently.